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Working Muscles

Treat your body the way it deserves.
Everyone will benefit from deep tissue massage
whether they are an athlete or not.

Age is also irrelevant.


Monday 8am – 8pm 
Tuesday 8am – 8pm
Thursday 8am – 8pm
Saturday By arrangement

 +44(0) 7751 321 844

 Working Muscles – Kia Felton

Sports & Remedial Massage & Soft Tissue Therapy, Ultrasound Therapy Practitioner, ISRM NLSSM

Sports Massage treats and rehabilitates damaged tissue. Many people exhaust other avenues before going down the massage route. Sports Massage therapists work deeply with their hands on soft tissue, and use a wide range of techniques, unlike other therapies.  We actively search for tightness and restrictions in the tissue and work on them accordingly.

Some regard Sports Massage as painful.  Everyone’s pain threshold is different and I will always endeavour to work within a patient’s pain threshold, so the session will be tailor made.

So whether your needs are to keep you fit and active, or to help you relax, my knowledge will ensure you receive the best type of massage you need.  As a Soft Tissue Therapist I can implement the appropriate treatment and design a rehabilitation plan.

I believe that constant communication with my clients promotes both body awareness and enables me to help you get the best from your body.

Sports Treatments

Are you recovering from a muscular or soft tissue injury? You can benefit from expert sports therapy.


Relaxing Massages

Are you someone who sits in an office chair all day? Is commuting a pain in the neck? Or do a job with a heavy physical toll?


Techniques & Pricing

You will receive a wide range of different techniques, designed to promote muscle repair as fast as possible.


Make An Enquiry

I am based at The Ananda Clinic.  Please find the address and regular booking times here

Please note that I am happy to take appointments outside of the listed times by arrangement, including Saturday mornings.

Please contact me if you require any more information.