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Treat your body the way it deserves

Relaxing Massages

If you have no specific injury or tightness and simply want a relaxing massage, I can accommodate this.

A massage therapist will benefit all people – for the young or old, fit, or not so fit

Are you someone who sits in an uncomfortable office chair all day? Is commuting a pain in the neck? or do a job with heavy physical toll?

Although you may not realise it right now, exposing muscles to continuous stress will have significant long term effects on your body. Offset the abuse your body receives with a satisfying massage therapy session.

Your massage therapy can include:

  • Back massage – upper and lower
  • Shoulder massage
  • Neck massage
  • Leg massage

Enhance your growth repair with ultrasound treatment

This painless procedure works by using high-frequency sound waves, which produce thermal effects to the relevant area.  Ultrasound treatment can help with a number of injuries including ligament or tendon damage as well as soft tissue injuries.

I am currently training in the Emmett Therapy.  This is described as the “Chameleon Approach” to body therapies.  This is a gentle method used to apply muscle release treatment.  The results relieve pain and discomfort, which leads to improved muscle movement.  It will be used alongside sports massage techniques.

Relaxing Massages